Skunky beer: some avoidance tips

It doesn't happen often, but when it does it absolutely sucks. You sit down after a long day of work with a glass of beer. You take a sip and… Nooooooo!! Skunk piss!! Suddenly your beer that you've been looking forward to all day is barely worthy of being poured down the drain. It's flat. […]

Preview of Lost Abbey’s Track #10

The Lost Abbey brewery has a special series of beers they call the "Ultimate Box Set". Each brew is inspired by a classic rock and roll song. Their number 10 in the series will pay homage to Meatloaf's "Bat out of Hell". It becomes available later this week. Here's more.      The Lost Abbey will release Track […]

Untapped – Ruination IPA

I've been looking for the right beer to take a good break from reviewing Fall seasonals, and this one just popped right out of my beer fridge. The Stone Ruination IPA is an experience every hophead should enjoy as often as possible. I'm in Georgia and the brewery is in California, but somehow this is […]

A visit to Red Brick Brewing

When you think of craft beer in Atlanta you probably think first of Sweetwater Brewing Co. And with good reason. But Atlanta has always been a rich market for craft beer fans with brew pubs, festivals and competitions that goes beyond the doors of its top selling brewery. So I decided to take a tour […]

More Cold Mountain!!!

Beer St. Journal is passing along that Highland Brewing Co. is making more of their terrifically awesome Cold Mountain Winter Ale this year. The beer becomes available in November. I just drank my last 2011 bottle last weekend (thanks Ben!!) If you've had this spiced ale you are surely jumping up and down with excitement at this […]

Untapped – Shipyard XXXX IPA

An India Pale Ale is a beer that I can enjoy year round. Well hell, I can enjoy any beer regardless of what the calendar says. But this is especially true for IPAs. They're refreshing and enjoyable, plus they go well with a variety of foods and occasions. I can enjoy one relaxing on the […]

Beer and entertainment, perfect combination

Remember a few weeks ago when I listed some podcasts about beer for you auditory learners? Well, by all means, use that list I gave you. Nothing wrong with any of those productions and you'll learn something (if not a lot of things) in every episode. But I've found one since then that adds two […]

Greg Koch, preaching his “craft”

I get lost in YouTube rabbit holes more frequently than I would care to admit. But sometimes these video ventures produce something worthwhile. Like this video I had not seen, where Stone Brewing Co. founder Greg Koch preaches to some bar denizens about the craft beer movement. Amen brother! Cheers!

Some craft beer news

Was perusing around the interwebs to see what was new that I could pass along and discovered several tidbits of breweries expanding, distribution expanding and new stuff on the horizon. So I thought I would just pass it all along in hopes it reaches someone in the areas of interest. Because it's always good to […]

Untapped – Pumking

I've been drinking a lot of pumpkin beers lately. I even put two head to head a couple weeks ago. I've got two more in the fridge I might focus on as well. But for right now…all hail the King! "Bewitched and brewed with pagan spirit."   Let's get right to it. Here's a little bit […]

Beer Knowledge

In my last Head to Head post we talked about the difference between ales and lagers and how they are for the most part the basic foundations for all beer. I've been thinking of ways that our readers here can get a better understanding of beer, whether it is about how it is made, its rich […]

Head to Head, Pumpkinfest vs Punk’n

So a few weeks ago I introduced this idea of pitting one brew against another of a similar variety. In volume I, Modus Operandi beat out Cottonwood Endo in what was a very hoppy challenge. With college football's first weekend in the books, I don't know about you but I'm starting to get the beautiful […]

Unfortunately hurricanes love beer too

When Hurricane Katrina hit six years ago today, it brought with it devastating destruction and crippled the city of New Orleans and surrounding areas. One of the businesses impacted was the infamous Dixie Brewing Co. which was both damaged and looted in the days after the storm. The brewer eventually relocated (supposedly temporarily) to Wisconsin […]

The Friday Flight – Second Course

We're back for round number two. Last time, we took a look at some craft beer basics. If you've already read it, you've got an idea of what we're shooting for here. If not, there's no better time than the present. As a bit of a refresher, a flight is a collection of small samples […]

Kyle’s Files: Ommegang Hennepin

What's this? I'm drinking something appropriate for summer? With the fridge presently devoid of stouts (and thanks to Bernie covering Creme Brulee already), I felt like Ommegang Hennepin would be a perfect choice. Hennepin was actually the first saison I ever tried as well as one of my very first reviews on BeerAdvocate. Ommegang does […]