Kyle’s Files: COAST Boy King

Our second installment of Kyle’s Files actually comes from notes taken back at the end of May. An experience like this one absolutely had to be documented and shared, even if it meant hiding away inside of a notebook for nearly two months. The worst part of going back and writing all of this out […]

Kyle’s Files: Big Black Voodoo Daddy

Welcome to the first entry in what I hope becomes a long-running series of craft beer reviews I’m calling Kyle’s Files. Simply put, I love trying new beers. I’ve made many beer-centric road trips and have traded beers with people all over the country. My thinking is that my new favorite beer may very well […]

How Did I Get Here?

I’m not entirely sure how this all started. It may have began the first time I saw a Rogue Dead Guy tap handle and channeled my inner Stevie Griffin while thinking, “how deliciously evil!” Or maybe it was that first (legal) trip down the beer aisle at the grocery store and seeing caged and corked […]