Cheers to new beginnings

First off, my apologies for the lack of posting. Unfortunately time is thin these days and life insists on pulling me in other directions. Such as homebrewing!! Yup. Recently a couple buddies and I set out on this adventure and are now one batch in with a second in the fermenter. The appeal to start […]

Real Women Drink Beer!

According to a 2012 Galliup poll, women between the ages of 18 and 34 now prefer beer over wine. And beer drinking groups among women are growing in number as well. Proving yet again that they are the stronger and smarter sex. Yes, come on in ladies. The beer is cold!     Craft beer […]

Hope Springs Beer Eternal – Suwanee Beer Fest

The weather in Suwanee GA last Saturday was pretty much the antithesis of what we experienced in Charleston for Brewvival. The temperature was set to perfect and the sunshine was the only thing more plentiful than the beer. And thus we begin my third review in as many years of Suwanee Beer Fest 2013. Because […]

Podcast with CFBZ

So…for some reason Kevin at College Football Zealots had me on his podcast to talk about beer and college football. It went about as you would've expected it to I guess. What can really go wrong when two guys talk about beer and a little football for good measure? That's as natural and as American […]

Podcast with 1 Beer 1 Song

I was fortunate enough to get invited behind the scenes at 1 Beer 1 Song. It was a great experience. No seriously, Tony didn't play any death metal and Russ dropped relatively few f-bombs. A good time was had by all. Right Brett? The link below should take you to their website where you can […]


I'm off to Suwanee Beer Fest and then back home to enjoy one of my favorite holidays – St. Patrick's Day!! Before I go I thought I'd offer some input into my favorite Irish stouts/ales and ask for any feedback you may have in expanding the list. Here's the Irish beers I'm working on tonight into […]

Untapped – Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale

If you want the short version of this review you only have to answer this one question – do you like bourbon? If so, read on because you'll like this beer. If not, well…you might still like this beer but the chances definitely go down. Alltech Lexington Brewing and Distilling Co. is better known as […]

Terrapin’s new brew house

This is an informative, educational and a humorous look at Terrapin Brewing Co.'s new 100 barrel brewing system, via Beer Street Journal. Spike, one of the company's founders, walks us through the system and what it will mean for business, the expanded market, as well as the craft beer drinker. Setting up for a big […]

Untapped – Sweet Josie Brown Ale

I've always really enjoyed brown ales. They really lend themselves to some terrific flavors and creativity among brewers. A brown ale can be smooth like liquid caramel with one pint and brash and hoppy with another. It's a style that provides a great canvas for the brewers out there and an awesome experience for the […]

Cigar City’s 4th annual Hunahpu Day set

Tampa FL brewery Cigar City has set the date for the 4th annual Hunahpu Day, the yearly release of their amazingly popular imperial stout. Saturday March 9th will be filled with the flavors of chocolate, cinnamon and spicy peppers!   Full disclosure: I've never been to Hunahpu Day and consequently, I've never had the beer. But it's […]

Untapped – Blue Point Sour Cherry Stout

A stout can be a wide and varied experience for your tongue. From a dry Irish variety to a sticky sweet milk stout, this type of beer has something for everyone. And the Russian Imperial Stout is similar to other styles in that it has been tweaked in all manner of directions. Once brewed to […]

Q&A with Suwanee Beer Fest

Suwanee Beer Fest tickets go on sale today. That's welcome news if you've had the pleasure of attending this event the past two years. You can order tickets directly through their website by CLICKING HERE. The date for the event is Saturday March 16th. So mark your calendars carefully. To gear up for the festival, […]

A visit to Monday Night Brewing

Today marks the grand opening of Monday Night Brewing's new facility. The Atlanta based brewery has grown by leaps and bounds the last couple of years. So naturally the next step was to get their own space so they could brew even more great beer. And they were nice enough to invite some of us in […]

Big news at Terrapin

If you've had beer from Terrapin Beer Co. before then you might be about to hit the roof with the depth of this news update. If you haven't had the pleasure, then you may still want to ready yourself. Because there's a good chance the Athens GA brewery could be reaching further into more and more […]

Untapped – Palate Wrecker

Not that I'm already tired of drinking winter warmers, stouts and porters this winter. Just wanted to try something completely different than I've had recently. And boy did this one fit the bill. Green Flash Brewing is a San Diego brewery known for being somewhere between a little and a lot different. They tend to […]