America’s best beer bars

Draft magazine has released their newest list of the best beer bars in the country. Proud to say I've been to some, but ashamed to say there are 97 more to try. A few of which are even as close as a short drive.

The list is divided into regions, just as in previous years. There are notations for which are new entries and there are web links for each one so you can get more info from any that strike your fancy. For craft beer lovers that are looking for good places to get delicious pints to drink this list is invaluable.

Looking through it anyone is bound to take issue with an omission. That's only natural. And I can't help but notice that Midlothian VA's Sedona Taphouse didn't make the list (you can see my thoughts from visiting this fine establishment last summer here).

Perhaps because it is so new. Maybe next year.