Macro vs Micro

This article is a long read, but worth it if you want some history on the craft beer movement, and more specifically the troubles the mass quantity beer producers are facing these days as more and more consumers are choosing quality.

I'm all for giving consumers more choices, but my hope is that these great breweries that have been popping up don't suffer. If you get out and meet them and spend enough time reading about them, they're good people doing good things for their community. So my initial questions are these:

  1. Can macro beer producers make something that is even close to the taste that craft beer lovers have come to expect? That's a tall order.
  2. Will consumers continue to go down the aisle to where the quality and effort for good beer truly is?

In short, AnBev and these others are a little late to the party if you ask me. We'll see.


Perhaps Stone's Greg Koch put it best:

"If you want to listen to Milli Vanilli., I suppose that's a choice you get to make. Just know that you're making that choice."