Brewvival tickets on sale today

COAST Brewing and The Charleston Beer Exchange have announced the date for 2013's edition of Brewvival, and tickets went on sale this morning at 10am. So if you plan to be around on February 23rd you should grab your ticket as soon as possible. Because they've also decided to sell less tickets this year than they did last year. They'll go quick, because this is a great event.


The total number of tickets available this year is going to see a noticeable decrease. While most festival events are typically looking for ways to get more people in, we have decided to make it a more special day, even if it is for less people. Furthermore, there will be a small increase in the ticket price this year and we will not be offering designated driver tickets (of course we welcome drop off/pick up vehicles outside the gates and we will still be working with shuttle services – responsible/safe transportation is a top priority). We have not made these decisions lightheartedly. The theory behind the designated driver tickets was not realized in the past, therefore we have had to do away with them. We feel that a smaller, higher quality event for the dedicated is the best course for Brewvival at this time and plan to see that come to fruition. Please note, there will not be a decrease in the number of brewers, food vendors or amenities. In fact, as part of our plans for ensuring the quality of the event, these elements will all be increased despite the smaller number of people attending. We look forward to a stellar festival. Tickets will go on sale Friday, November 23rd at 10 am.