A visit to Terrapin Beer Co.

A couple weeks ago Ben and I were in Athens, GA with a couple hours to kill before seeing Louis CK perform at The Classic Center. So we ventured over to Terrapin Beer Co.  for a look at their expanded facility and to taste some good beer. We'd heard a rumor received an insider's tip from @RLShock that they would have their "Wake n Bake" on cask and that was more than enough to twist our arms.

It was a few days after my birhday so I got in for free. Plus I got a signature "Hoppy Birthday" glass, which I used to try the new "Side Project" Liquid Bliss (I'll have a review on this in a couple days). The Wake n Bake was conditioned with bourbon soaked cocoa nibs and was quite good, even though the cool weather wouldn't allow the beer to warm much. After that I stuck with the Moo-Hoo. So as expected, it was a solid lineup.

As far as the facility, they've had to re-structure these tour gatherings it sounds like. The room inside has shrunk a bit, so they have a nice area set up outside, complete with tent, a stage for the musical guests and bar to refill glasses. It's a really nice area. They come through every so often to let patrons know that a tour is starting. Everyone is friendly and genuinely appreciative of your business as well as good beer.

And judging from the crowd it is a place where locals go frequently to hang out after work and enjoy some good beer while socializing. Anyway, here's a picture of my favorite spot – the outside bar. 

Check their site for more details, including their upcoming events. And if you're around town you should definitely check them out. Great place to meet good people over a good beer (or three).